Saturday, July 17, 2004

Meeting Day+Topic Confirmation Reqd.

So we are in for our second meeting. Which is scheduled for coming week.  I need to seek your advice/suggestions on following things.
Meeting Day:
We have three suggestions (along with their reasons) so far:

 Wednesday: (Its a mid-week so we are not much burdened with the work neither because of start of the week nor because of its end , as is the case     with     Monday     and Friday.)
 Friday:             (Its a week-end so every one can stay till a little late since there isn't any working day next morning.)
 Saturday:        (Its usually an off-day and every one can spare 1-2 hours )
So we need to decide one of the 3 choices. I personally feel comfortable with Wed/Friday.
Topic: (Discussion)

Application Frameworks .
COM+ (Enterprise Services).
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
XML Web Services. 

For the coming week I would suggest Enterprise Services. 

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