Sunday, August 29, 2004

ASP.Net Programming Model and IDE Choices !

I had a good time at NED.Net UG event this weekend. It was really good to meet Mr. Viqar Khamisani, Microsoft ISV Manager. This is what NED.Net UG Leader(Zeeshan Muhammad) has to say about it:

Today we had really a nice session at our campus. The event started by the introductory speech from our country leader, Mr. Saqib Ilyas who gave the audience a detailed review of INETA Pakistan activities during last year and also projected our plans for the coming months. Then our speaker Mr. Hammad Rajjoub started his talk. He talked on concepts of programming in ASP.NET and how we can use different tools in making our applications. He gave us some really cool ideas and also showed us some code writing techniques. We also learn how we can interpret our web application from ASP.NET 1 to ASP.NET 2. We had around 100 audience during the event comprising of both professionals and students. Students from other universities also took part in our event which is a really boost for us. The user feedback is excellent and they rated our speaker 5 out of 5. Overall the event was good and we are hoping to come up with some more big events in future, Insha Allah. Below are some pictures that I took during the event. The last picture is of the office bearers of INETA Pakistan, but we missed Mr. Fahad Abdul Qadir presence in that snap. In the end I would like to thanks the faculty of CIS and all volunteers for making our event a success, and INETA Pakistan team who are always with us and above all our speaker Mr. Hammad Rajjoub for the priceless knowledge he shared!!

power points and code available here:

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