Monday, August 09, 2004

Event went GOOD!

I had to speak on 3 different occassions and on 3 different topics last weekend. Firstly, on Firday evening I had to present "ADO.Net Best Practices" at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University. And then on Saturday afternoon there was an event on ".Net Framework" at Sir Syed University Of Engineering and Technology. Event at SSUET was followed by a regular class at Karachi University.
For now i will talk about SSUET event.
Event at Sir Syed University went good. I was told that some 200 people attended it. I think they all had a good time and so did I. Although the event started a bit late (well quite a bit, some 50 mins to be exact 8-/ ), but it ended well. Usually SSUET audience is "JAVA PRO" but preaching .Net to them was somewhat fun. Specially the Q&A session was good, it was kind of fun to answer their questions. Presentation will be made available online soon at INETA/MEA web site.

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