Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Application Frameworks & Design Patterns

I will be talking at CSKU.NET 3rd user group event this Saturday i.e. 18th September 2004.
Agenda of my talk centers around the following introduction:

Application Frameworks & Design PatternsObject-oriented (OO)
Application frameworks are a promising technology for usingproven software designs and implementations in order to reduce the cost and improve the quality of software. A framework is a reusable, ``semi-complete'' application that can be specialized to produce custom applications [Johnson: 88]. Nowadays, medium-large scale applications are never built from scratch, rather they are built on top on existing software that we call framework. This framework is meant to perform certain generic tasks (central location of event handling etc.) , maintain consistent programming approach(through class hierarchies etc), provide some functionality usually based on Design Patterns. These frameworks help us build applications that can evolve with the passage of time. In this session we will talk about "Application Frameworks" as what they are and how they are useful. Then we will talk about "Design Patterns" and their use in "Design of Applications". All the implementations will be discussed/provided in C# .Net.

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