Monday, January 31, 2005

Microsoft TechNet and MSDN road show

Just came back from Microsoft TechNet and MSDN road show. Although I missed SQL Server BI and CLR Session but I was able to catch up with ASP.NET 2.0 and Microsoft Team System sessions. It was good to be there but honestly i dint enjoy much of 2.0 talk. Speaker wasnt confident and he kept making mistakes while developing a simple master detail form. The audience dint also like much seeing speaker having trouble showing hands on code. I believe the speaker was short of practice/practical exposure. But still Microsoft Pakistan should be commended and appreciated for bringing another international event to Pakistan. It was also great to recieve appreciation on INETA Pakistans Role from Mr. Jawwadur Rehman, Country Manager,Microsoft Pakistan. Due to the combined efforts of Microsoft Pakistan and INETA Pakistan, there were almost 100 entries from Pakistan for Imagine Cup, this is a great feat whithin itself to achieve,since, Pakistan is participating for the first time in Imagine Cup.


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