Tuesday, January 04, 2005

X-develop : A Cool IDE !

Another excellent post at TheServerSide:

X-develop is a multi-language IDE for the .NET and Java platforms. It supports the C#, Visual Basic.NET, Java and J# programming languages. Productivity-enhancing features such as on-the-fly error checking of all files, refactoring and smart code templates are supported for all languages.

Feature highlights:

Instant detection of errors throughout all files
No need to compile in order to find out if there are errors. X-develop checks all files in the solution on-the-fly in the background and displays errors in an instant.

X-develop includes refactoring support for renaming variables, methods, classes, changing method signature, extracting methods and more. Cross-language refactoring is supported: If for example a method defined in a C# source file is renamed invocations of this method in Visual Basic source files are automatically updated.

Productivity features
Coding tools such as Organize imports, Usage search, Code formatting, Smart templates, Go to class, Go to symbol and more increase productivity.

Compatibility with Visual Studio .NET 2005
X-develop is fully compatible with Visual Studio .NET 2005 solutions and project files. There is no need for importing/exporting projects, just work with existing VS.NET solutions.

Support for C# 2.0
X-develop fully supports the latest C# 2.0 language features such generic types, partial classes, Nullable, etc.

Language plugins
Programming language support in X-develop is realized with a language plugin API. The plugin API makes it possible to bring advanced features including refactoring and error checking to any desired language.

A preview version is now available for download from www.x-develop.com.

More information: http://www.x-develop.com
Discussion forum: http://forum.omnicore.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=13

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