Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The New World of Work

Bill Gates recently addressed CEO summit at Redmond Washington.
In his speech which he titled as "The New World Of Work", he highlighted how information is viewed in todays world. Following in excerpt from his speech. Do follow the link and read what Microsofts Cheif Software Architect has to say.Bill Gates' Web Site - Speech Transcript, Microsoft CEO Summit 2005: "I'm bold enough to title this morning's talk 'The New World of Work,' because I really think we are at a big change point in terms of how we think of information. We're really moving from having provided tools that were really great at the individual level, if you wanted to author a document or a spreadsheet or a presentation, and we have in Microsoft Office some wonderful tools. Over the last five years, we've been making the move to look at what is that information management like as you have groups of people, and how does that information come together with all the information in your backend applications, say, SAP software, and all the other data that comes into your organization. Do we give you the rich kind of views that you need there? And how do we make sure that that unstructured world of the office work with e-mail, and faxes, and phone calls, that connects up to that very structured world. And the things we're putting together now, we see it as quite dramatic in making sure that Office gives you the right visualization and the right richness connecting up to all of those things."

All this discussion is pretty much in line with building connected systems and consalidating information views for enterprises. Thats where EAI comes into play, thats where Biz talk and Sharepoint has so much to offer and thats where we need to concentrate if we want to make any difference in todays IT world!

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Dennis Howlett said...

EAI is only half the story - there has to be a process layer so you can wind your way through 'work.' Especially the case where you are using unstructured data to supplement business applications.