Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Visualise XPath Queries with Visual XPath

Any one who has used XPath to navigate XML Documents knows that it is a tricky business to do. Selecting specified node(s), evaluating expressions and things like that could actually take a bit of your time. And this all isnt much intuitive to a common developr.

I my self usually have to refer to XPath query syntax whenever i intend to use it. I came across this awesome tool that was written by my senior and mentor Noman Laghari.

The best part with Visual XPath is that you dont really have to compile and execute your code just check if you wrote the correct XPath Query. All you have to do is to load an XML Document (any XML file) and then select the node you want to query. The tool will automatically create an XPath query for the selected node.

Visual XPath is a must have tool for any serious XML Developer. Its source code is available along with the executable for download. I feel one could add a bit or two of functionality to this already awesome tool. What do you people say ?

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