Wednesday, November 23, 2005

NIIT .NET UG Launch / VS 2005 Launch Event

- Launching User Group:
NIIT .NET User Group was launched by Dr. Arshad Ali (DG NIIT) and Hammad Rajjoub (Chariman UG Relations committee INETA Pakistan). NIIT .NET UG objectives were presented and it was vowed that NIIT .NET user group will be an active and vibrant UG and will consitently hold seminars and workshops on .NET and its related technologies.
- Launching VS 2005:
VS 2005 was launched at NIIT .NET’s first UG event. Hammad Rajjoub presented the introductory speech on VS 2005 and highlighted new and exciting technologies that are released with VS 2005, SQL 2005 and BizTalk 2006. This, perhaps, was the first VS 2005 Launch event of the whole region. This also was the first launch event by INETA Pakistan and we are planning to come up with more events (atleast one event every month).
- Introducing Imagine Cup 2006:
Imagine Cup was introduced by Hammad Rajjoub (Microsoft MVP and member of INETA MEA Speakers Bureau). Dr. Arshad Ali (DG NIIT) asked the students to pariticipate in Imagine Cup whole heartedly and earn a name for themselves as well as for the instiute. He further said NIIT will ensure whatever resources will be required for INETA/Imagine Cup will be aligned and provided without any hassle to the students. [So we are expecting good number of entries from NIIT.]

This is the event report that i recieved from NIIT .NET UG representative

.....On the first day of workshop invited speaker Mr. Hammad Rajjoub spoke on the topic of XML and web services. About 40 students attended his session, he began with the overview of traditional distributed computing and discussed in details pros and cons of traditional distributed system, which lead to the ultimate need of a powerful solution for all traditional distributed system problems which ultimately evolved in form of XML Web Services. The session proceeded comprehensive discussion on XML, SOAP, HTTP, WSDL and UDDI. Mr. Hammad also discussed few new features in Visual Studio 2005, Ms SQL Server 2005 and Ms BizTalk Server 2006. He ended up demonstrating how simple it is to create web service endpoints in SQL Server for exposing data to remote entities. Overall audience enjoyed the technical discussion a greatly appreciated the efforts of INETA NIIT Chapter in regard of arranging this session.

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