Wednesday, December 14, 2005

VS 2005 Launch at PAF KIET

Yesterday we did a VS 2005 Launch Session at PAF KIET . That was second the launch activity by INETA Pakistan. I was accompanied by Adnan Farooq (MVP) and Naveed Bajwa (my colleague at KalSoft). Event was attended by some 50-60 students + faculty members. We also introduced Imagine Cup 2006 and INETA to the audience. Adnan started off the proceedings with introduction to INETA. I followed it up with introducing Imagine Cup 2006 and VS 2005 Launch. Then I invited Naveed Bajwa to present on Smart Clients technology in VS 2005. Naveed handed over the mic to me and then i ended presentation with an introduction to SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006. We also showed a video for VS2005 launch address by Steve Ballmer. After the presentation we distributed the goodies amongst the audience, thank to Microsoft Pakistan. Then in the end Dean CS Mr Arshad presented us with shields and we headed back towards our offices and workplaces.

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Hashim Abbasi said...

u dont seem very enthusiastic to write about it... and I dont blame u... :)