Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finally something to say

I have been so much busy with life and job for last almost month or so... that i didnt get any time to post a blog. Its not that I dint have any thing to blog but rather I dint have any time to do it. For the update on personal side, I am in Dubai now and working as a Systems Architect with a new company.

I am planning to write few good things about following :

1- MSF Agile.
2- Visual Studio Team System.
3- Software Architecture.

yes for now no coding :).. I am barely using VS.NET these days most of my work is on either MS Visio or MS Word... God I need to write some code or I'll get rusty. 8-)

Thats it for now!

Stay Tuned!


Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Well, you'll have lots of great stuff to talk about on PDC 2006.

Hammad said...

yes Insha Allah. We all will have lots of great stuff to talk about :)

Naqi Raza said...

Respected Hammad bhai,
wish you best of luck in your future career,keep rooking with VS.NET,I pray for your success from the depth of my heart also please remember me in your prayers.

Zeeshan said...

Salam Hammad bhai,

i believe u posted an email regarding a job in UAE, on the i am unable to find an email address to post my resume.