Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Launching Developer Community in Dubai

I have been in touch with people from Microsoft like Vimal Sethi, Amr El Garhy and Chad Hower recently to launch a developer community in UAE, specially, Dubai.

So finally things are rolling and we are eyeing 30th April as the launch date. The community will be launched during Gulf Developer Conference (GDC 2006) event.

This community will be offering different services to different sections of developer community.

For Software developers:

This will offer one stop shop where they can discuss their technical problems in online and offline forums.

Learn new, cool and upcoming technologies through technical sessions as well as hands on labs.

Socialize with peers in industry and share their passion in Microsoft Technologies.

For Senior Developers/Architects and Project Managers:

They will be able to learn from each others experiences and share best practices for successful architecture, design, implementation and overall management of softwate projects.

They will also be able to act as speakers and lead conversations on particular topic of expertiese.

For Students:

This community will act as a group of people who could act as mentors to the students. The group will plan regular events and visits at all the universities and colleges and will try to help and guide students do their projects and computer science studies.

I will write more about the aims and purspose of the group

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