Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Office 2007 beta 2

I installed Office 2007 beta 2 today. Although I have seen Office 2007 beta before but dint install it on my machine.
I am loving outlook for its sleek look and RSS feed feature.Besides to-do bar and event calendar are all available in the single view. Following is a snapshot of how it looks like:

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Jan said...

Hi Hammad,
I found you in the MS Office Discussion group. I know it's not your issue, but need to rant.

I also loved it last night after installation as I played around in Word and Excel! Went to Outlook...first problem, html emails are not downloading correctly. Tried to send email report to MS for review....cannot send; only recieve emails. Got a little fed up and went to bed. Today I had a very frustrating time working on my laptop (networked and sharing internet with PC)...kept losing connectivity...never happened before. Went to my network program is "running, but absent! No problem, decided to take the "easy" way a System restore.....found it noe has a Script bug and will not there seems to be no restore point to have or be made! decided to uninstall Office Beta and go back to Office 2003..seemed a no brainer as I had installed it as an upgrade and could still see it in my Control panel....well it is now gone....I will have to do a clean re-installation with all the service pack, etc!!!
Conclusion??/ I am NOT happy with 2007 beta! If you care to contact me, my email address is Thanks for reading if you've made it so far!