Saturday, June 03, 2006

Some interesting and useful stuff for Smart Clients

MSDN biweekly newsletter is always a useful source of updates and relevant information. Through MSDN newsletter i got to browse GDN ( which again is an excellan and very useful resource specially for patterns practices guidelines. Following are a few useful links that got me to read and explore some really useful stuff.

1- Smart Client Project Software Factory:
The factory is believe to provide an effective way for architects, dev leads and developers to create high-quality baselines for their smart client applications, addressing non-trivial design and development challenges. The factory will provide reusable assets, guidance and examples for solving those challenges in the most common scenarios. The guidance will be open, so you will be able to customize it to fit your specific needs.

Mobile Client Software Factory:
It includes a port of the Composite UI Application Block to the .NET Compact Framework. Mobile Client Software Factory – Community Technical Preview This new patterns & practices software factory extends Visual Studio 2005 with additional guidance that helps to automate designing and developing occasionally-connected mobile client applications (such as hand held field data collection). The resulting application architecture is both extensible and fully customizable. NOTE - This software factory is leveraging the patterns and design from the Smart Client Composite UI Application Block implemented on the .NET Compact Framework.

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Rich resource here. I am Glad that I found this. Bookmarked.