Friday, October 13, 2006

Community Launch Team : 10 tips on preparing a presentation!

Like last years Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006’s community launch initiatives, Microsoft along with communities like INETA and Culminis are coming up with bigger and better community launch event for Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007. This is said to be the biggest joint launch ever.

Just like last year, I am part of this community launch initiative both as a UG leader as well as a Virtual Trainer. Virtual training program does not only focus on technology related content, it also focuses on presentation skills. So Virtual Training program is divided into two phases. Phase 1 targets presentation skills and has presentations delivered by expert speakers on topics like “10 tips to preparing a presentation”. Phase 2 will have technical presentation related to products that are being launched i.e. Office 2007, Windows Vista and Exchange Server 2007.

Today, I did my first presentation on “10 tips for preparing a presentation”. This event was scheduled to take place at 11 AM (GMT + 4). I initially had few problems in setting things up with conference call and importing slide deck into Live Communication Client. But with the help from Justine Davies of Microsoft’s Community Launch Team, we were able to set up things appropriately ahead of time.

Event started a bit late but once it was started I believe it went well. I couldn’t sleep the night before because of work at office and then for the preparation slide decks. But the very fact that I had one participant who logged in from PERU @ 3 AM local time was good enough to get me all charged for the presentation.

Following are a few tag lines from the presentation:

Cogito ergo sum! | “I think, therefore, I am!”

It’s all about U!

If you don’t know which way to go. Any road will do!

KISS (Keep it simple stupid) principal

A picture is worth a System.Int64.Max words!

MOI (motivation, organization and innovation) model!

Download power point from here


Anonymous said...

Hi Hammad,

This is Saif from Lahore, Pakistan. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the live presentation link. I really wanted to attend your presentation. Just downloaded the PPT. I hope your presentation went well. Another thing that i would like to mention is that, I dont know why, but blogspot blogs are blocked in Pakistan. No matter what you do, you can not access blogspot blogs unless these are published on your own site. For example, if you use blogspot hosting service, blog will not be available in Pakistan. It will be visible only if you publish it using your own host, for example, Not many people know that blogger (R) blogs can be accessed through so my suggestion is, because you are a very popular personality, why dont you publish your blog using your own host or you can use some other blogging service so that more can benefit from your posts. This is just a suggestion! Thank you.

Best Regards,

S.S. Ahmed


Steven Lai said...

I am the second webcast attendee.
It was 2 AM PST (GMT-8) on west coast of USA.

Thanks for trying to reschedule webcast for Monday.

Steven Lai, SBS-MVP

PS: I did download the slide deck from your blog site.

Hammad said...

@ Saif:
Thanks a lot Saif for your comments. I understand your blogspot being blocked in Pakistan point. I will try to get my own domain and hosting soon.But for now I am maintaining my other blog at
Thank and best regards,

Hammad said...

@ Steven:
Hey Steven, thanks for downloading the slide deck. I am sorry I lost your email (copied but forgot to paste on a todo list). I am still awaiting the confirmation from Community Launch Team for the reschedule.
thanks !

Muhammad Qasim Pasta said...

Hi Hammad Bahi!!!

I downloaded the taped version and found excellent...!!! you really explored very important points for preparing and doing the presentations. I wish to see more material from your side at community launch site.


Hammad said...

Thanks Qasim Pasta. I will try to put up any content that I can contribute to the launch.
thanks and best regards,