Saturday, March 15, 2008

My profile update:

From time to time it happens that i have to present at a conference or host a tech-talk etc. In such scenarios i get, envitably, asked for my shot profile. So i thought it would make sense to blog my profile and consequently pass on the url.

So here it goes:-

Hammad Rajjoub is currently working as an Assistant Vice President with Merrill Lynch Global Services, Singapore.

He is a three times MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) for Connected Systems. His areas of interest include Enterprise Architecture, Distributed Computing, SOA, .NET, Design Patterns and Quantum Computation. He has architected number of successful enterprise scale services/applications using various tools and Technologies. He is a .Net Evangelist and speaks frequently at seminars and knowledge sharing sessions. He is an active member of MSDN groups and shares his experiences with the community. He has hosted number of technical sessions at international IT conferences.

He has written a case study for APress( He is also a user group leader of .NetWizards and .NetPalm both are INETA ( chartered user groups. He is a member speaker’s bureau for INETA MEA. He has taught at Dept. Of Computer Science, Karachi University and PAF KIET as a visiting faculty member. He is member of IASA ( International Association of Software Architects), Singapore Chapter. He spends his spare time learning and evangelizing best practices for architecture/design and .net.

For more details visit his blogs at:


Tariq Younas said...

Hartiest Congratulations man,
to become "Assistant Vice President".

Tariq Younas

saif said...


I will be in Seattle this sunday to attend the MVP summit. I would like to meet you there. I know it's a hectic schedule but we can spare a few minutes out of our busy schedules and if you are staying in Sheraton, then it'll be easier to meet. See you there!