Sunday, December 12, 2004

Can you IMAGINE it!

Imagine cup is a premier programming competition sponsored by Microsoft. This year we are introducing Imagine Cup to Pakistan.

About Imagine Cup
Imagine Cup is a technology contest that provides an outlet for students to explore their technological and artistic interests outside the classroom. Throughout this year Imagine Cup will recognize and celebrate student achievement in technology and art. There are nine very different categories that will give every student a change to participate. The finals are in Yokohama, Japan, an intriguing and stimulating destination for the top student minds from around the world to engage in conversation, debate and competition at the Imagine Cup finals.

This Year’s Theme:

“Imagine a world where Technology Dissolves the Boundaries Between us”
The Imagine Cup 2005 is about dissolving the boundaries between us. Boundaries keep us safe, but we also use them to hide behind in the face of an unfamiliar situation. By dissolving these boundaries- physical, metaphorical, emotional, or intellectual people can unite in a more open-minded world. That’s why we offer this challenge to you, the leaders of tomorrow.

The registration process has already begun from November 1st, 2004. Contest details, rules and regulation and calendar are attached to this email. Please navigate through the documents thoroughly, which contains complete information on this contest. I hope students from your institute will participate in this software competition with full enthusiasm and devotion and we are very much willing to guide and assist you in this world wide technology contest. Microsoft Pakistan had announced to give raffles to all the participants who make into the second round. Feel free to ask any question. Please send all your queries to (your email address here) or visit the following websites for details:

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