Saturday, December 11, 2004

Guest Speaker Session at MAJU

Recently I was invited at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University as a guest speaker. The audience mainly comprasied of final year students. My talk focused around Distributed Computing and how it can be done with XML Web Services. I also discussed the history of legacy technologies like DCOM/CORBA/RMI etc and the problems associated with their use. I discussed information systems interoperability related scenarios and told the audience that there is a lot of business value associated with developing applications that are based on open standards like http,xml and soap.
I also told them that how XML Web Services makes sense for enterprise scale applications and how do they solve the problems posed by legacy systems. Overall the audience was good and i recieved a couple of good responses.
In the end i was presented a boquet and a table clock as a token of appreciation from two students (one who asked the best question and the other one i forgot).

Dr. Abdul Wahab (ex. Director,IBA) was also present there and offered kind words and refreshments. It was great to talk to him and listen to what he had to say about the current state of affairs in HEC.

ps: The presentation is available here :

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