Thursday, January 20, 2005

Role Of Remoting in "INDIGO" { __TransparentProxy is the KING}

INGO RAMMER tells about "Role of Remoting in INDIGO":-

In case you havent seen him, here is his pic. He is considered to be the "GOD of .NET Remoting".

I recently asked Ingo Rammer about the role of remoting in "INDIGO". Here is his response:


The role of Remoting after Indigo? Hmm ... it will be the same role as the one of ASP.NET Web services, WSE 2.0, MSMQ, and Enterprise Services/COM+: Existing apps will continue to work (you can even run Indigo and any of these previous technologies in the same application and AppDomain). New apps (or parts thereof) will however quite likely be developed directly based on Indigo. (If running on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or - future - Longhorn as these are the only platforms which will be supported). "Normal" apps with the previous technologies (Remoting, ASP.NET, ...) will be quite easy to migrate. Custom transport channels and custom sinks will be harder to move ... i.e. they will have to be rewritten using the new extensibility models.

Oh btw: Remoting will also continue to exist for areas which are not addressed by Indigo like cross-AppDomain communication. After all: Indigo is based on Remoting's __TransparentProxy architecture anyway ;-)

Hope this helps to clarify your questions.


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