Thursday, January 20, 2005

C ω ( Pronounced as C Omega )

After C #, there was every possibility that we will get to see more programming languages with "C" followed by some alphabet. We dint have to wait for too long for it , now we have C ω (pronounced as C "OMEGA")

. This language is being developed by microsoft research team.

In case if you are wondering that why do need another programming language, specially provided the success of C#. Then let me tell you that there are a lot areas and domains that are yet to be catered by commercial/main stream programming languages. For more on this, do read "Transitions in Programming Models" by Luca Cardelli .

According to C Omega home page :
C ω in particular is an extension of C# in two different areas:

1- A control flow extension for asynchronous wide-area concurrency (formerly known as Polyphonic C#): For more on concurrent programming do read "Modern Concurrency Abstractions for C#. Nick Benton, Luca Cardelli, Cedric Fournet", available here and here

2- A data type extension for XML and table manipulation (formerly known as Xen and as X#):
read an excellent article on msdn about it here.

Also read what Andres Hejlsberg has to say about it and C# 3.0 here

download this video here

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