Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oracle with .NET : A Killer Combo

: "Bring the Power of Oracle Database to .NET Applications
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET make it easier to build Oracle Database applications on Windows. With a tightly integrated set of tools for Visual Studio .NET, developers can make use of versatile new features, such as:
Automatic code generation
Powerful designers and wizards
Context-sensitive online help
Easy-to-use stored procedures editor

Developing Oracle Database applications on Windows has never been easier. Click here to learn more about Oracle�s integration with Visual Studio .NET and to download your FREE copy of Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET.
Click on the button on the right for your FREE Oracle Developer Tools for Visual "


Javier Luna said...

I believe that any DataLayer must be a simple code block, that they allow operations against DB.

That code block would not have to know on the Business Entities. Single to specialize it is to execute the operations (Store Procedures and SQL Sentences) against the engine DB (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.), with which this setting.

Finally, I invite to you to download the DataLayer.Primitives Public Version.

This is very cool Data Layer :)

DataLayer.Primitives - Readme!


Javier Luna

Wajahat Abbas said...

Cool ...

But don't you think that it's making you out from being generic approch?

Hammad said...

thats true wajahat.
but think about enterprise who have invested heavily in Oracle Databases and Dataware houses, and now want to utilize power of .Net....