Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Zeeshan Muhammad speaks at NED UG Event

Right after my event at JUW, we (adnan,saqib and I) were to reach NED to attend Zeeshan's (NED.NET UG Leader) first speaking assignment on INETA's platform. What happened while we were travelling is "beyond the scope" of this blog,so i am leaving that off. It was quite refreshing to see Zeeshan speaking on ASP.NET 2.0 and presenting his code demos with utmost command and grasp. I believe Zeeshan is a good addition to the speaker bureau and will add a lot value to INETA Pakistan/MEA in days to come.
Audience had a good time and the session ended with a Q/A session in which some goodies were also distributed among the active participants. I got to meet Arun (a .NET guy from Hyderabad) again but this time with his (GirDex) team. We probably would be traveling for speaking assignments in Hyderabad in days to come.
At the end of the session audience were provided with soda and a Qtr. Broast (sounds good :) ) and we (all ineta guys + volunteers) headed for lunch (yes it was pretty late but i'd still call it a lunch because wat we ate couldnt be categorized as high tea).
And then the most important thing happened. Actually Adnan and Saqib had been saying whole day that they wanted to discuss some thing serious with me. I thought it would be some thing related to INETA / Microsoft, but man, it wasnt. It was about me. Again what they discussed is beyond the scope of this blog it was something that made me ponder for while.... well i am still thinking abt it ;). The days activities for us ended with a hot cup of tea at my place. And then we parted, saqib and adnan left and I stayed at my place and took a nap!.


Zeeshan Muhammad said...

Thanks for such nice comments. Hmmm hyderabad trip, nice , am I included? :)

Hmm... something made you ponder... Why don't you decipher the details and leave it on comments... lets see who digs it up first ;)

Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

I am glad to know that our advice made you ponder and that you are still giving it a serious thought. Remember, we are always there for you.

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Me, too. Keep thinking. I'll keep my mouth shut at this, because if I say anything more, it will be beyond the scope of the blog. lol.