Sunday, September 17, 2006

I want to develop web service!

...So how many times do we hear individuals or teams "just" deciding about developing web services. There is one thing that I am concerned about. And i.e. that almost every one thinks that web service is "the solution" for their requirements. It always reminds me of the saying that goes like... "If hammer is the only tool that you have then every problem will look like a nail". I dont understand that why people are so eager to join this "we develop web services so we do the things right" band wagon. I understand the need and utility of web services but I am also concerned about their design and implementation. Its very important to design systems propperly. Web Services shouldnt be just about writing web methods in asmx files.

For those who decide to use Web Services, its usually either of two scenarios.

Either they are "Building new systems" or are "Exposing existing systems".

In any case care should be taken and different aspects should be concerned before actually exposing services to outside world. I will suggest any serious developer on Microsoft platform to look at following three resources before proceeding to developing web services.

1- Web Service Factory:

2- Web Service Security:

3- Performance & Scalability:

Although a discussion on designing and developing web services can take a lot of time and space but still i'll suggest to take a look at above mentioned resources i.e. if you are to develop web services on Microsoft platform.

I will be happy to answer any specific questions regarding design and implementation of web services.

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