Tuesday, September 26, 2006

SQL Everywhere

I am absolutely thrilled to find out about SQL Everywhere. I am sure its going to go a long way in the new breed of "in memory" databases and the databases with small memory footprints. It is really a great tool to have when you want to have relational like quering requirements at the client side or device.It actually is a next version of SQL Mobile and will replace it the next.  I found this channel9 msdn  video to be very useful and informative.

To me the most immediate scenario for which I will be using SQL Everywhere would be in client side caching scenarios. In my past my choice would be Caching Application block from MSDN Enterprise Library. But now what I can do is that I can plug in SQL Everywhere into my client applications and from the code i will be using same relational queries through same ADO.NET API. It would not only save me from typice name/value pair bindings but will aslo allow me to transparently move things b/w client side and server side stores (since the code calling the data wouldnt be aware of the fact that from where the data is being fetched from, i.e. embedded SQL Everywhere or SQL Server). This scenario brings a lot of useful functionality to the device level programming.

 You can download SQL Everywhere CTP from this link at MSDN.

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