Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gulf skyscrapers : The Architect Community of Gulf

If you are like us then you would have been waiting for this to happen. With communities focusing on development and .net in general being available, there was a need to have a community with a focus on architecture and design of systems and solutions. Thanks to Pooya finally an "Architect" community called "Gulf Skyscrapers" is being launched in Gulf.

Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to provide value to the architect community and to make IT
Architects in the Gulf region more successful.


We'll act as a support system and forum for local architects to share ideas
and discuss topics that are important to their job as software and
infrastructure architects.


We'll also help the aspiring architect community to hone their skills and
follow the right path on learning the fundamental software architecture

For more details log on to:

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Nikhil said...

Hi Hammad,

I am pursuing my management study at SP Jain Center of Management in Information Technology.

As part of my curriculum, I am doing a Special Group Project (SGP) with Microsoft, which is an initiative to bring together the software architects to create a knowledge pool for established and aspiring architects.

In regard to this I have prepared a questionnaire. Could please take out some time to fill the questionnaire and lets know about your valuable feedbacks and suggestions.

The questionnaire link is mentioned below

Thanking you.
Nikhil Kumar